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Rich Cibotti is a Sergeant in the San Francisco Police Department. In almost 15 years on the job, Rich has worked in the Southern, Tenderloin, and Taraval Police Districts. Rich is a primary instructor in multiple subjects at the SFPD Police Academy, teaching both new recruits and tenured members.

After nearly a decade working patrol in the Tenderloin, Rich was promoted to Sergeant where he works on patrol in the Taraval District. In addition, he has worked in the Professional Development Unit developing new training and policy.

A Native San Franciscan and family man, Rich enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters. Rich also enjoys playing baseball for the SFPD Seals Baseball Team.

However, Rich has always been passionate about journalism and politics. What started as submitting articles to his college newspaper has since grown. In 2016, Rich completed law school and passed the California Bar Exam to become a licensed attorney. Rich has gone on to publish articles in the SFPOA Journal, The Epoch Times, and on Ben Shapiro's website, the Daily Wire. Rich has also appeared on the Fox News Channel and California Insider. Rich looks forward to sharing with you the continued pursuit of this passion.

Rich started a Substack Newsletter to continue publishing thoughts on life, politics, and San Francisco.

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All opinions are Rich Cibotti's own and do not reflect that of the San Francisco Police Department.

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Discussing Life, Politics, and San Francisco.


San Francisco Native who works in the City by the Bay.