Apr 26, 2022Liked by Rich Cibotti

"For addicts, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. The SFPD still has not gotten to that step yet." They do not believe they have a problem and believe you are the problem. They do not hide their belief.

"Opposers claim the movement undermines public safety through its efforts to end policing. The truth: the movement seeks to demilitarize police departments and reallocate funding to trained mental health workers and social workers to reduce unnecessary violent encounters between police and citizens."


So to be clear, you are the problem and they are removing you. Here is an article from Forbes outlining how San Francisco is defunding the police.

"Also in California, San Francisco approved a $120 million cut to the police and sheriff’s department, promising investments in Black residents"


I love your faith and commitment to the cause but your elected leadership does not agree with you. They are not doing layoffs because it is more expensive. It is far cheaper to have you all quit or get hired away.

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