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I have spent my life in tech and new is not better. In New York to be more Eco friendly they replaced the traffic lights with LED. Then the light froze up and we’re covered in snow and did not work. The extra energy was heat and that melted the snow.

The advantage of a paper ballot is you gather then and lock the room at the precinct and we all count and report them. Much harder to cheat at scale. Many hands make for quick work and retired folk have hands, smarts, time and hopefully some ethics when together.

The current system is not ok. Show up on Election Day. Make it a national holiday and mandate you give people time to vote. Close down everything if you must. but get it done that day. Democracy dies in the darkness.

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Totally agree that NV and AZ should do much better and I too remember what a shit show FL was a few decades ago. Back then Florida's incompetence led to a completely partisan outcome starting with it's Governor, the brother of one of the candidates, who stopped the vote count. Then a conservative supreme court ruled along party lines to side with their own. Fortunately for the country, Al Gore not only took the high road and conceded but also as VP didn't try to block the electoral vote count in congress. Imagine if something like that were to happen now with all the polarization that exists in this country and the election denying by a certain orange person and his followers? Could lead to an insurgency at the capital or even civil war. Love your stuff keep writing!

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