Thanks for pointing out the polo shirt issue that I was unaware of and was not covered by the local media. It is these small slights to line officers that has magnified significance, creates resentment and destroys morale.

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New DA says she will keep "moving forward with implementing progressive reforms.”

When I speak progressive supporters in private, they generally believe that everyone needs to just suck it up and give these progressive reforms more time.

"As District Attorney, I will do everything in my power to restore accountability and consequences to San Francisco’s criminal justice system while also moving forward with implementing progressive reforms.”

“I am proud that today we swore in Brooke Jenkins as San Francisco’s new District Attorney,” said Mayor Breed. “I hear from residents every day that they are frustrated with the state of accountability in our city and have real concerns about feeling safe, but they also don’t want us to move back on the progress we have made reforming our criminal justice system. I will do all that I can to work with our new District Attorney to ensure that we can restore faith in the system while staying true to the promises we have made.”


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Was part of the issue that officers that were off duty got to get overtime if they wore their full uniforms?

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