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It seems the Mayor London Breed has a plan to deal with the “unprecedented police staffing shortage” which she claims she has no idea why its happening (while she defunds it). It seems her plan is to defund the police, then ask the Federal Government to Police the City or fund her Police?

Breed wrote, “As you know, we are dealing with multiple serious public safety challenges locally, from a fentanyl-driven overdose epidemic, open-air drug dealing, property crime in our commercial and residential neighborhoods, increasing gun violence and prejudiced fueled incidents.”

She added, “While San Francisco is doing everything it can to address these public safety challenges, we are in the midst of an unprecedented police staffing shortage and we need help from the federal government.”

"Our local law enforcement is doing its best to enforce against drug dealing, however, the scale of the problem is beyond our local capacity. We need additional and ongoing support from the Department of Justice to arrest and prosecute drug dealers.”

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TPTB want to turn San Fransicko into a “15 minute city”...mark my words. I’m sure all the politicians and decision makers have already been paid off. Just like they were paid off with CONvid...the greatest wealth transfer. in modern history. If you think these demons give a damn about your contract, or making SF better, may I interest you in waterfront property in the Sahara?

I’m a 3rd generation, (forced) retired deputy of 23 years.

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Great article Rich. We are sailing towards an iceberg, but the captains of our government are too arrogant to pay attention.

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